Expertool Software

Knowledge Engineering for 
Intellignet Business Solutions

Analytics is a discipline, not a technology - it's all about getting value from data

Our value discovery methodology leverages the unique capabilities of our platform to capture internal organizational expertise to build a context for the analytics.  We use raw data from source systems, rather than warehouses or BI tools, enabling analysts to:
- explore relationships in the data that are not accessible via the defined aggregation paths
- discover details that are obscured by normalization and transformation processes

Raw data analysis and prototype methods:

a) Extract diverse sample raw data from multiple source systems to populate Expertool model
b) Search for patterns and relationships in structured values and the content of unstructured fields
c) Model theories proposed by internal SME’s and run theory simulation scenarios across the data
d) Model substantiated theories into delivered solutions
- support strategic analysts and specialized teams in desktop mode using periodically delivered data extracts
- deploy expertise engines as services that are accessible to multiple platforms