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Successful Management of Complexity and Incomplete Information – Client Testimonial

Tim Baldwin – Pfizer

Director, Worldwide Technology Quality & Compliance

Internal Project Owner

What was your complexity challenge?

Pfizer completed a re-architecture of the global control framework, but before approving the implementation executive management required a reliable estimate of initial and ongoing global costs of the new controls.  The challenge was highly complex not only because of the size of the organization and the diversity among divisions, but also because the data normally required for business case analysis was to various degrees incomplete or unavailable within the required timeframe. 

Onsite tier 1 consultancies were approached but were either unwilling to bid or projected time and cost that were out of the question.

How did you resolve it?

Based on results achieved on earlier projects, a team of specialized vendors led by Joe Glick were invited to bid, and proposed a three-month, fixed-price project using the Expertool knowledge engineering platform and methodologies to deal with incomplete information.  The project was completed on time (budget was not an issue), and the sponsoring governing council found the results compelling and intuitively reasonable.  Executive management also accepted the findings and approved the rollout of the new framework.