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Joe Glick, Founder/Managing Partner

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Joe is active as a thought leader in various fields, currently serving on the AHRQ Standards and Interoperability Framework team and the US-EU Ontology & Database Community of Research team (established 2012 by White House Office of Science & Technology Policy and the EU counterpart).


On behalf of the Nanoinformatics Society, he lead the Knowledge Engineering Initiative for Computable Context Representation. Some of the outcomes are included in a chapter on knowledge engineering that he contributed to an informatics text published by Elsevier (prepublication draft below).

As a member of the Software & Business Methods standing committee of the Intellectual Property Owners Association (, he lead a project to develop a methodology for identifying innovation in applications for business method patents.  The methodology was accepted by IPO, which includes the world’s largest technology companies, delivered to members as a CLE program lead by Joe.  The methodology was recommended by the IPO board to the US Patent Office and core concepts have been integrated into their process.