Expertool Software

Knowledge Engineering for 
Intellignet Business Solutions
Since 1996 we evolved our software and methodology in a real-world "lab" - delivering large,complex solutions for global enterprise, academia and government

Our innovation efforts were driven by:

- Client needs that could not be met using existing technologies
- Client needs that could not be met by Tier 1 consultancies
- Leveraging emerging advances in biomimetic robotics and cognitive science

In 2004 our core practice became automation of human expertise, the primary objective of knowledge engineering

Since 2011 our practice is limited to:

- Supporting our partners in the delivery of Knowledge Engineering solutions and services
- Expanding the capabilities of our platform based on client and partner feedback
- Developing niche products which cannot be built without our engine 

Recognized Leadership in Applied Artificial Intelligence

In 2010-2011, Expertool was used for the Knowledge Engineering Pilot of the NanoInformatics Society (created by the NSF).  The pilot purpose was to develop new methods for computable knowledge representation. The chart below is from a slide in the project presentation at the 2011 annual conference, explaining the difference between Expertool and other well known platforms.